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You Will Find Some Answers Here

You can reach us at contact@indiex.pt for additional questions or general inquiries. We advise everyone to read this FAQ section before submitting an application or sending us a question.


What is Indie X?

Indie X is Portugal’s biggest indie game showcase featuring both national and international indie games. This year the showcase will take place inside XL Games World, from the 14th of November to the 17th. Since both national and international indie games are of vital importance to the event that expects more than thousands of visitors, Indie X 2019 will be located right at a priviledged place near the entrance of the Arena.

How many games will be selected for Indie X?

We will select 50 games (this number might increase if the jury so decides) for the exhibition/contest. Portuguese games will prioritize up to a maximum of 50% of the full set of selected games but it is not bound to this ratio.

How much will it cost to be showcased if I'm selected?

In short – nothing.

If your game is selected as a finalist, you don’t have to pay anything to have it showcased at the biggest game event in Portugal. The mission of Indie X is to support both the national and international indie game market and to have the best selection of indie games accessible to the thousands of visitors that come to Lisbon during the event.

What do I get if I'm selected as a finalist?

Taking place this year at XL Games World, each selected game will be showcased inside a collective Indie X area with a free booth offered by the organization. Each booth comes equipped with computers/consoles, mouse, keyboard, displays, VR devices, controllers, furniture and decorations.

If you can’t attend in person, there are options to arrange for someone to present your game to visitors during the event. If you are selected, we will reach out in order to figure the best option.

You can’t make any changes to your station/booth without Indie X’s consent. If you have some ideas or want to bring some additional visual/decorative assets, please reach us at contact@indiex.pt and make your case.

Do you pay for voyages and accomodations?

No. Since Indie X is free of charge for participants and is working as a personal investment from its organization, there is no money available to pay for trips and /or accommodations for the developers whose games were selected for the showcase.

That being said, our organization is available to help you find the best and closest accommodations since we’re available to search for them locally and inspect them beforehand. You’ll get the help needed to find you a good place to stay, as we are negotiating with hotels around the convention center for special prices for you and whoever accompanies you.

If I get selected as a finalist, do I need to be present at the event?

It depends.

For portuguese studios, presence is mandatory with the rules for the national finalists to be published in the near future.

If you’re an international studio, presence is not mandatory but it is preferable. On the previous 2 years we had dozens of international games submitted from all around the globe (literally) and most of them were not represented in person by their authors. Our organization is responsible for hiring staff to represent your games and giving them the proper insight on how your game works.

However, if the developers are willing to pay for their own expenses and fly to Portugal, that will be considered a preferential item on the selection for the 25 international finalists of Indie X and one of the main tiebreakers to get to the final selection.

Also, in articulation with XL Games World’s organization, we will also arrange for exclusive talks from present indie studios at the event.

How can I prove my intention to attend the event in person?

If on your submission you state that you’ll attend the event in person, the organization might contact you before the results are public to tell your game will be selected if you present proof of your attendance.

You’ll have 48 hours to send us proof of your trip to Lisbon on that period, be it by showing us your plane or train ticket or some other agreed upon way.

Can I submit a game for any platform?

Yes. We don’t have any limitations at this moment on platforms, although VR games are somewhat limited to the number of devices we can get to the exhibition. Although you can submit games for any platform, current generation ones are highly preferable by our organization: PC, PS4 and PSVR, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Which games are eligible for the exhibition?

All games are eligible if they are yet unreleased or have less than 12 months since its release date, which means that all games released after November 18th 2018 are valid submissions to Indie X 2018.

You can submit a game that is on early access/in development and currently playable on Steam / itch.io, by sending the corresponding set of keys or links to access the game. Our jury will not buy the games submitted for evaluation for Indie X.

Mobile games can be submitted, although we strongly advise the final builds to be playable on a PC, as we’re not sure how many devices we’ll have at the event. Nevertheless, you can submit mobile builds to be evaluated as a submission if you prepare it accordingly for platforms like Testflight.

VR Games can be submitted but the number of games approved will depend on how many VR devices available for the event as stated on a previous answer.

Will there be accolades and awards associated with Indie X?

Yes. There will be accolades on several categories and the game which is considered by the jury as the best at the event will receive a 5.000€ monetary prize. Awards are given to the studio that created the awarded game.

Our jury will be comprised of portuguese and international individualities from the video games industry and will be announced at a later date. The jury at the event is not the same as the one selecting the finalists, which is a panel comprised by Indie X’s organizers.

What is the deadline for game submissions?

The deadline is the 30h of September, 23h59. Lisbon time.

Can I submit more than one game?

Yes but you can only submit a maximum of 2 entries. If both games get selected, they can be showcased on Indie X on the same station and a presentation schedule will be defined beforehand the event, so that visitors know which game is presented on each day / timeslot.

Can I have a booth at Indie X without having to submit my games to the jury?

Yes. Several studios did so on the first two years, like Square Enix Collective, Wargaming Labs, Image & Form Games and Zoink Games.

Please reach us to know the costs of having any number of games exhibited outside our jury selection. The larger the number of titles you wish to showcase, the cheaper each single station gets. Games exhibited this way won’t subtract the slots of the 25 finalists, they will be added to that number. We also have people available to represent your games if you can’t attend in person.

Contact us directly and tell us your needs at contact@indiex.pt.

Since the event happens in late November, how is the weather?

Our very specialized climate scientists predict it will be as it normally is: lovely.

Expect a sunny and hot set of days. White it might be snowing in some parts of the world, if you decide to attend Indie X 2018 you’ll have the opportunity to visit one of the greatest cities in the world and find a Summer weather… in November.


Portuguese Specific

Is my presence at the event mandatory?

Yes. Portuguese developers are required to attend all days of the show.

Over the last 2 years, we had dozens of games from all four corners of the world. Your participation in an event which receives around 70.000 daily visitants must be seen as an investment on your part for the project’s visibility and interaction with its audience.

Indie X‘s investment covers the work, physical space, marketing and elevation of your project. The only thing we demand is your dedication and presence at the event.

Are there any extra fees for Portuguese Finalists?

If you are one of the Portuguese Finalists, you will be charged a small caution fee for the duration of the event. At the end of the event you will receive your money back if you comply with our rules. Indie X‘s organization reserves the right to keep your caution fee if you do not comply with the rules, attend the full event or to cover eventual damages or missing materials.

If you’ve been selected as a Finalist, you will be contacted by one of our members to receive additional information on how to handle the payment.

Does Indie X cover all the materials needed for my booth?

No. You are required to bring a computer or similar device where you have installed a working playable build of your selected project. If it’s a laptop, it will be accommodated below the booth table. We will provide monitors for every booth.

We also ask that you bring additional controllers, keyboards, mouses and other input devices that might come in handy in the case of a shortage of materials on our part. Make sure to bring everything that you need to show your game in the best possible way.

When should we handle booth setup?

Booth construction and setups must be done during 13th November until 22:00, so that everything is ready to go and XL Games World can open its doors at 10h00 the next day.

Delays on booth construction will be used to justify keeping your paid caution fee.