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The 2018 Winners were...

Last year's award ceremony took place November 18th 2018 at Lisboa Games Week's main stage after 4 long days of showcasing our indie selection.
Our jury carefully evaluated the 55 finalists present at the showfloor and selected 6 titles to award. Here are the final results:
ARVORE Immersive Experiences

Still No Name

Firecast Studio


Meet 2018's Finalists

These were last year's 55 Finalists who qualified for a free booth at Lisboa Games Week 2018 and were up for Indie X's 2018 Best of the Show and other awards.
Head over to our 2018 Finalists page to learn more about all of them!
Hone Game Studios

Fun Punch Games

Planetfall Studios

Driving Force Games


Breakfall Inc.

Astriferous Games

Still No Name

Monster Couch

Sebastian Nigro & Christopher Anselmo

Jorge O'Neill

Flynns Arcade

Toge Productions


Tahoe Games

Fireblade Software

Zombie Dynamics

ARVORE Immersive Experiences

Serious Brothers

Lazy Bear Games

Firecast Studio

Snowhound Games


Iction Games


José Castanheira

Headless Studio

Step Further Studio

Redcatpig Studio

Silver Lining

Aquiris Game Studio

Grimorio of Games

Long-Legged Crow Studio

Poof Paff

Little Red Dog Games

Uroboros Games



5am Games

Planetfall Studios


Massive Galaxy Studios